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Every organization, government agency and business has to deal with confidential information. When information is removed incorrectly, organizations become vulnerable and may even be punishable by legislation concerning the protection of personal information. Only by destructing confidential data in an adequate manner, will organizations contribute to a successful and secure future.

We are specialized in the professional destruction of outdated and discarded data media. We go about this cautiously and reliably. With our mobile data shredders we always physically destruct your data on-site. Therefore, you can rest assured that not a single data medium will fall into the hands of third parties. Furthermore, our professionals have been screened and certified. We leave nothing to chance. That is why STROY is the solution for secure data destruction.

Security is our foundation

We believe that the adequate destruction of confidential data contributes to security. Security lays the basis and foundations for a successful future. Inadequate destruction of confidential information will make organizations and society vulnerable.

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